5 Study Tips for Doing Well in Exams

Studying for exams may be stressful and painful. You must have an effective study plan to do well in your exam. Here are some tips that can help you do well in your exams.

Understand your goal

You need first to focus on your goal. You need to understand why you are giving this exam and how much important it is to you. For example, if the exam is just a class test then you won’t need to study for several hours. But if you are giving your SAT to get into a good college, then you know how important it is to score well to get into your dream college. Focusing on your goal will set the pace for your exam preparation.

Understand the content and format of your Exam

You need to know the syllabus for your exam. You don’t want to look surprised at the exam hall after all. So, you should know what it’s going to cover and what will be its format. You can draw a mental picture of the exam when you study.


Study at least a month in advance

The best study approach is to study a little for a long period. So, it is advisable that you start studying at the beginning of the class. You should set some time every week to organize your notes and understand where you stand regarding the lessons. You should create a long term study plan for yourself. Cramming right before the exam is not a good habit.

Take regular breaks and know when to stop

You should take regular breaks between your studies. You should take a five-minute break every hour and eat some snacks to provide fuel to your body. You can stretch or take a small walk also. This will improve your studying. When it’s only 12 to 24 hours left for the test, you won’t learn too many new contents. So, by trying to learn new content, you will stress yourself and won’t do good in your exam. So, stop learning new content before 12 to 24 hours of the exam. Instead, revise thoroughly what you have learned so far. Get a good night’s sleep.

Good night’s sleep

Good sleep is essential to do well in the exam. You must take at least eight hours of sleep before the exam. You will feel refreshed and will get all the energy and focus you need to do well in the exam.

These tips will help you if you would like to score well in your test. If you have bad habits like cramming before the night of the exam, then it will take some time to change your habit. But make sure you get to this routine to do well in the exams that you will give throughout your life.

Top 4 Skills Employers Search Today in Candidates

There are some essential skills you must have, irrespective of which field you choose, to do well in your professional life. Here are the top 4 skills employers look for in candidates.

Verbal communication

verbalEffective verbal communication means that you should be able to express your ideas and views clearly, concisely and confidently. You should be able to tailor your speaking style and content according to the audience. Good verbal communication skill ensures that you will have persuasive and negotiation skills. The ability to give a good speech in front of audiences help to build rapport with them.

Team working skills

teamworkEmployers want to recruit graduates who can work in a team. You should be able to work within a group and contribute your ideas effectively confidently. You should take a share of the responsibility. You should accept other’s views and try to learn from constructive criticism.

Written communication skills

writing2Many employers complain that most of the CVs they receive have spelling and grammatical errors. This creates a very bad impression on the employer. Written communication is essential in everything you do. So, you need to improve your writing skills. It will help you in formal correspondence with others and writing reports for your company. If you have a well-written skill, you will be able to express yourself clearly, using proper language and by constructing a logical argument.


initiativeYou should take the initiative to grab opportunities. Good organizations will reward you for taking good initiatives. You should take responsibility for your work and always display a ‘can do’ attitude. You must walk that extra mile to get what you want. You should introduce improvements in tasks, processes, etc. whenever you can.

These skills are essential when you enter the professional world. Whichever career you choose, these skills will help you to grow and become more successful.