Welcome to JDDST

At Jddst, our aim is to empower students to become long time learners. We use different institutional approaches to find teachers to teach students so that they can develop their skills and abilities. We help students effective ways of learning from various disciplines. We offer various tutoring to our students that help them to learn these subjects well.


In this class, we will teach you how to write essays, academic papers, reports, and more. It will not only help in your academic life but your professional life as well. You will be learning small things like writing formal letters, applications, etc. as well. By attending this course, you will never fear about your writing skills again.

Academic Strategies

University or college life is different than your high school. You will need to work hard to do well. Many students find it hard to cope up with the new environment. Students face challenges like reading more than 500 pages a week or learning in a classroom with 300 students from different backgrounds. They also struggle speaking up in a seminar full of scholars, doing class presentations, attending workshops, and writing reports. They learn so many new skills at this stage of this life that will help them to do well in their professional life. We help these students realize their potential and work on it. We teach them how to cope up with such pressure and still get going.

Quantitative Reasoning and Science

We help students with quantitative reasoning and science subjects. We teach them techniques to solve various problems within a short time. By enrolling in this class, you will be able to understand these subjects better. You will find it easier to solve quantitative reasoning problems.

Humanities and Social Sciences

If you have difficulty in humanities or social science course, then you can take this course. Our lecturers are very talented. They know how to teach students effectively so that they understand the concepts well.

We also help our students with preparing for special exams like GRE. Our teaching styles are very effective. It will help you to learn fast and get good scores. So, get in touch with us if you need help regarding your studies.